Management Consultancy

Ammadoes Consultants Pvt Ltd offers Management Consultancy services to clients across diverse sectors. Our management consulting services aims to resolve delicate and intricate issues of management including matters relating to operations, corporate financing, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring of financial debts etc.

Financial Restructuring & Advisory

The team of experts combine strong technical capabilities backed by an enriching experience to offer financial advisory services. Our service methodology is created in a manner to fulfil personal and professional goals. The team aligns financial processes with corporate goals.

We implement best industry practice, global processes and quality human capital that makes us an ideal partner to manage client’s transactions. Innovation is the cornerstone of success and our approach ensures that every unique solution is customised as per the client’s unique demands, which in turn produces a favourable impact on the overall business strategy.

Our alliance with international networks ensures a wider reach and implementation of global practices. The firm proactively engages in fulfilling emerging demands in the rapidly changing commercial environment.

We have advised on some of the largest and most complex restructurings and pride ourselves on providing pioneering solutions as well as real effective results.

To provide a seamless and integrated service, we not only work closely with specialists in related practice areas including finance, corporate, real estate, employment, pension, tax, environment, regulatory, capital markets and litigation but also advise defaulting companies, lenders and investors at all levels of the capital structure as well as corporates/directors, defaulting companies, banks, insolvency officeholders/trustees and government institutions.

Due Diligence

We perform a broad range of due diligence activities, offering an integrated service to our clientele. Our incorporated due diligence combines our economical diligence with commercial and functional review. Our restructuring and insolvency team helps maximize valuations, protect businesses or investments, preserve critical relationships and minimize write offs.

The team of experts for financial due diligence analyses and validate all the financial, commercial and operative processes to offer a comprehensive strategic advice. The various aspects of services encompass revenue, future cash flows, commercial and market due diligence, maintainable earnings, synergy validation and all functional issues.

The experts of the firm conduct due diligence for proper assessment of legal position and analysis of credibility. The team executes due diligence of documents, contracts, valuations, IPR etc. The due diligence reports are complete, comprehensive and perfectly evaluated.

Corporate Advisory

The Firm possesses vast and in depth experience of providing corporate advisory services. The team of experts offers strategic interventions and implements processes that aim to fulfil holistic solutions along with addressing individual professional aspirations. The methodologies ensure achievement of exponential growth in a dynamic eco-system. Various structures are streamlined and innovative measures are implemented to address the viability of matters.

The firm has expertise to tackle the wide range of Corporate advisory/Commercial questions that can challenge any organization operating in today’s complex competitive environment.

We provide guidance to domestic and international clients on matters relating to general corporate compliance including but not limited to investment regulations, sectoral caps and regulatory issues/compliances. The team has advised clients from almost all sectors including but not limited to telecom, e-commerce, technology, ITES, power, healthcare, real estate, defence, retail, pharmaceuticals, education, infrastructure, media, automobile, etc.

The firm actively advises clients on trade related issues which directly impact foreign investments in India. Such issues may include preferential market access to Indian companies, localization of technology, transfer of technology etc. The team actively takes part in consultation processes with the Government of India and related ministries on policy related issues and submits proposal, papers on required changes in the extant policy.

F.E.M.A. Advisory

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